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EDDAS stands for Extensible Distributed Dynamic Address Service and is a web-based service aimed at providing a free and accessible way for users and authors of peer-peer software to keep an up-to-date record of their current IP address available to the wider public.

EDDAS will be implemented using PHP and MySQL and will be available to anyone with script enabled web space. For this reason, the underlying functionality must be as robust as possible and not reliant on methods which might not be available on some servers. Anyone hosting an EDDAS database will be able to maintain their own user base as well as having the option to link with other EDDAS hosts to form a distributed database and ensure maximum up-time.

The main functions which will initially be available are :-

  • Hosts will be able to own and maintain any number of user directories as well as share hosting of directories owned by other hosts

  • Users will have the option of administering one or more namespaces, which refers to a group of users. Users in this group will have their IP addresses listed under this namespace for the purpose of peer-peer networks acting as distributed servers (the implementation of such distributed servers is purely dependent on the user's software and outside the scope of this project)

There will eventually be a varying number of optional settings and add-ons available such as functionality for anonymus email. The scheduled updates between participating servers of an EDDAS directory will usually only deal with the addition and deletion of user accounts and namespaces. Software making use of EDDAS will be responsible for ensuring that the IP addresses on all participating servers of a directory are updated for its particular user. This will help to keep the processing requirements of the service itself to a minimum, although it could conceivably be handled by EDDAS as an option.

Documentation will be provided on how to make use of EDDAS via software and hopefully, as more developers join the project, code libraries in various languages will also be made available.

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